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December 26, 2016

7 Reasons To Visit Iceland

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If you’ve been on the Internet in the past year, you’ve probably read or seen something about Iceland. People have been flocking to the Nordic island country like mad lately, and with good reason. Black sand beaches, glacial lagoons, natural hot springs… it’s one of the most diverse landscapes on the planet and is still fairly untouched. And it’s easier than ever to take a trip of your own, so here are my 7 Reasons To Visit Iceland in 2017:

1. Flights Are Cheaper Than Ever

Did you know that you can fly to Iceland for $200? Budget airlines are becoming all the rage lately, and Wow Air is one in particular that is releasing crazy-cheap flights to Iceland. They are currently offering flights to Iceland for as low as $129, and announced that in April 2015 they will be adding routes for $99. Yes, you heard me right. For about the price of a pair of Nike’s, you can now fly to a foreign country. What a time to be alive.

visit iceland

2. It’s Only Going To Get More Crowded

When I visited Iceland for the first time this past May I thought it was just going to be me, wild ponies, and a vast empty landscape. There were quite a lot of tourists at many of the places we visited, and it’s clear that Iceland is “trending” right now thanks to how easy it has become to visit.  I wasn’t even able to experience the famous Blue Lagoon because I didn’t purchase in advance and tickets were sold out when I arrived. If you want your epic waterfall photos to be void of distracting tourists, I would make Iceland a top priority in 2017.

the blue lagoon

3. It’s One Of The Most Unique Landscapes on Earth

Visiting Iceland honestly felt like visiting another planet. Massive waterfalls, ice caves, glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes, and the Northern Lights… it’s hard to believe that such diversity is so accessible to us. There are few places on Earth that you can encounter these kinds of landscapes, much less find them just a couple hours apart!

iceland travel guide

4. The Hostels Are Better Than Hotels

If you’ve read my budget travel tips before, you know that I am a huge fan of hostels. Super cheap stay, free food and activities, and incredible new friends to be made – what’s not to love? But sadly, many are afraid of hostels because of their often sub-par accommodations compared to staying in a hotel. However, Reykjavik has two wonderful hostels that are beautifully designed, super clean, and are only about $30/night. I personally stayed at Loft Hostel (pictured below) which I had a great experience at, but I highly recommend Kex Hostel, as well.

loft hostel reykjavik

5. It’s Great For First-Time Travelers

Aside from the horrifically bland food and street signs in Icelandic only, Iceland is a very easy country to adjust to. For those who aren’t seasoned travelers, you may want to ease into travel and start off with a place that speaks your language, is friendly, and easy to get around. Being a small island country, Iceland is very simple to navigate and the main tourist attractions are not off the beaten path. And if you do get lost, you can be sure that the locals will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

visit iceland

6. You Might See The Northern Lights

One of the top reasons travelers have been making their way to Iceland recently is in hopes of seeing the magical “aurora borealis”. I went in the summer time where the night hours are very short and it’s rare to see the Northern Lights, but your chances are much better if you plan your trip closer to the winter months. Even experts find these lights hard to predict, so my recommendation is to spend at least a week in Iceland to increase your odds.

northern lights iceland
(photo by Colby Moore)

7. Go While It’s Still Untouched

We don’t get many opportunities in our busy lives to experience the outdoors like you can in Iceland. Last year, one of Iceland’s most iconic spots, the infamous abandoned plane crash, was closed after it was vandalized by some inconsiderate tourists. Sadly, these things happen and are the reason why there aren’t many places in the world where you can see such unaltered natural beauty. So why wait? Book yourself a cheap ticket, grab your friends, and go! Adventure awaits 🙂

visit iceland

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