July 20, 2019

The Best Photo Spots In Dubrovnik


A few years ago I saw a photo of Dubrovnik on Pinterest for the first time and knew I had to visit this place one day. I finally made it a reality this past June and wow, did it blow me away! Dubrovnik is nothing short of a photographer’s dream. The medieval fort with towering walls surrounding the Old Town, towering above the deep blue ocean below… no wonder Game of Thrones decided to make this city the set for King’s Landing!

But I will say that getting amazing shots of Dubrovnik takes quite a bit more than just showing up and hoping for the best. Dubrovnik has exploded in tourism in recent years, which means that during the day the Old Town is filled with thousands of tourists. So to enjoy Dubrovnik to the fullest and get the best images possible, I highly recommend sticking to only early morning and sunset for all of your exploring for everything except for the beaches. So although many are tempted to knock out Dubrovnik in one day, I recommend at least 2-3 days so you have time to see all the spots at sunrise and sunset!

So here are my favorite photo spots from Dubrovnik: 

City Walls

View from Minčeta Tower with Lokrum Island in the background

So the most obvious place to photograph when visiting Dubrovnik is the city walls. The walls of the Old Town are a raised pathway that circles the 4 walls of the city, and offers incredible views over the buildings and the surrounding ocean. Walking the walls gives you so many amazing perspectives and there are even tiny entrances to hidden bars on the ocean along the walls! But note that the walls don’t open till 8am so we couldn’t shoot at sunrise, but we got there right at 8am and the lighting was still nice and there were much fewer people. I didn’t go at sunset, but I would imagine the lighting would be even better at that time!

The first photo below is of Stradun (the main street of the Old Town) and the last through a window at Minčeta Tower, the highest and last point of the walls.

Old Town

Although the views from the Old Town walls are the most iconic, there are so many spots within the city walls that are worth seeing as well! Although the main street of the Old Town is usually packed with tourists, if you just step into all the dozens of side streets and alleyways you will quickly get away from the chaos and have the magic to yourself.

The first two photos below are of Saint Ignatius Church and the last is at the top of the steps over Ulica uz Jezuite street by the church.

Fort Lovrijenac

We debated whether or not to go see Fort Lovrijenac just a short walk from the walls, but I am so happy we did! This ended up being one of my favorite spots from the trip and offers one of the best perspectives of the Old Town from high up. We went at sunset which I highly recommend because the lighting was amazing for photos and it was virtually empty, making it such an awesome experience! The walk up as not nearly as bad as it looks and the best part is your ticket to the walls includes entrance to the fort, and if you buy the fort tickets first the price will be reduced when you buy your tickets to the walls.

Pile Bay

Pile Bay is another one of my favorite spots in Dubrovnik which is just steps from the Old Town but away from the crowds! This spot is the famous Blackwater Bay in #GOT and offers views of both the city walls and fort towering above. This is also just a great spot to chill and have a drink on the water, which we definitely needed after a long day in the summer heat 😉

Cable Car Overlook

This spot is one that not many make the effort to see, but definitely should not be missed! This overlook is atop a hill high above the Old Town and offers incredible views of the town and surrounding areas. You can go any time of day but we went at sunset for the best possible lighting! However, I want to note that when we went, the Cable Car was not running due to some governmental issues, so we just took a taxi up to the top which cost about $15 but was totally worth it in my opinion!

There are many more beautiful places to photograph around Dubrovnik, but these highlights are my favorites from our trip and will be sure to blow you away! And by sticking to early morning and evening for your exploring you will have a much more enjoyable experience and avoid the crowds. If you’ve been to Dubrovnik and have any other places to share, I would love to hear your recommendations on social media!

And if you’d like to see more from our trip, check out our Croatia Vlog below!

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